The BEER Bollix Drinks O’Hara’s – Irish Red Traditional Ale


Another busy day just passed and I forgot to eat again. As I packed it in for the day the hunger gripped me.  I made a staggered bee-line for the freezer and hunted down some venison pie. As I banged the cryogenic beast in the oven I closed my eyes and thought of beer.

Luckily for me the Crimbo pressies were all of the liquid sort. I shot a glance toward the beer shelf; my left eye caught the red whilst my right eye caught up. It was a match. Venison pie and Red Ale. Epiphanic, for sure.

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O’Hara’s Irish Red Traditional Ale

The first red disappeared without trace while the frozen fodder transformed into taste bud bliss. The next 500ml glass bottle of O’Hara’s Red Ale I gripped firmly as I strolled about the garden in the freezing night. The ale warmed me from the inside out. The outside temperature was more bitter than the ale. The hunger was disappearing so I made for the oven.

Red Ale with Venison Pie.
Perfect with Venison Pie.

Cooked. Eaten. Then chased down by the second 4.3% Red Ale. It was a delicious combination.  I found the O’Hara’s Red Ale worked better with the food than without as the sweetness complimented the meaty pie.  On the whole it was slightly bitter, tasty and refreshing. A lovely, easy to drink, ale.

Irish Red from O’Hara’s

The BEER Bollix will drink again, with food.

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Purchased in Tesco on offer 23/12/16. 4 500ml bottles for €10 (apparently).

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