Take a Break in Daingean – Ireland’s Hidden Gem

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Discover Daingean, if you dare. Ireland’s Grand Canal meanders from West to East, East to West, with Dublin at the East end, and the mighty Shannon at the other. Entrenched between these two points are a myriad of towns and villages, bogs, pubs, farms, and so much more. As you move from the East, from the big smoke that is Dublin, you will slowly leave behind the hustle-bustle, the noise, and the madding crowds. Eventually you will come upon a Hidden Gem in the Midlands of Ireland; the village of Daingean. Down to earth, humble, and friendly, the people of Daingean are more than generous with their welcome and their time. Daingean has a lot to offer you as a  traveller, a tourist, or even someone looking for peace and solitude. Daingean is a great location to use as a base to discover more of Ireland. Ireland’s Ancient East is all around, and there is plenty to see, explore and do. Come to Daingean if you need a break, a golfing holiday, to enjoy the Grand Canal, or to use as a base for exploring Ireland by car. Dublin is just an hour away. Galway half as much again. The bonus of being in the middle is that nothing is too far away. Kayaking on the Grand Canal, Daingean. Head to either coast from your base; Ireland’s Hidden Gem. There is so much to discover. Spend your days exploring, then come back to Daingean to rest and recuperate. Maybe even enjoy the pubs. Have a chat and a laugh. You won’t find many talking about their latest plastic surgery in Daingean. Nor their latest hair-do. No. Just good old fun and chat. Visit Daingean and maybe stay With golf, cycling, canoeing, walking, Glamping, fishing, accommodation and more, Daingean has oodles on offer. We hope to see you here soon.
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