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I wrenched the cap off with an off-cut of 6 x 1 and went straight in for a mouthful. Then in an out of character moment I paused to reconsidered my actions. After a quick contemplation I  decided to make an attempt at being a wee bit more scientific about this tasting beer business.  So I messed up my hair like Einstein’s and, methodically,  I closed my eyes. Slowly, carefully, and under controlled conditions, I lifted the bottle slightly higher then drew the yearned-for aroma into me snorer.

It smelt hoppy. Right so far. So I gulped a mouthful.  Slightly hoppy and grassy came first. Then followed a softness, and an emptiness. The grass lingered. There was no deep flavour following. I decided to wait before my next quenching, to let my palate adjust. After that punishing 20 seconds I swigged again. It was more flavour-filled. The hoppiness gave way to a more balanced taste. Then Bang. WTF.

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Darkside IPA

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Ah – it was just my tinnitus kicking in for the night. But still there was something missing; that little bit of extra taste. The 5.2% went straight to work. My head started pushing skywards. Next I took a long gulping drink from the 500 ml glass bottle and sat calmly, thinking; just me and my Darkside IPA and the buzzing of the tinnitus in my ears. Bliss.

On I continued. Half way down I hit the pleasure spot. I began to encounter other things that appealed to me; more flavours and a bit more head-numbing as the relaxant played it’s part. I expected something darker in the bottle but that was a preconception instigated by the ‘Darkside’ reference.

As I looked skyward whilst the last few mouthfuls found their way through one neck into another I came to the realisation that I was heading toward the precipice; the red line that divides this land and Benderland. If I had another load of these Darkside IPA’s I’d say Benderland would be my destination – and I’d end up on the Dark Side of Her Indoors. I thank the Lord for His consistency in making sure I am Broke every January, (Feb, Mar,….r).

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Darkside IPA. Very drinkable but, for a bitter drinker like meself, lacking a bit of afters. It is an ale I would ably consume all day sitting on the beach during a lovely Irish Summer, swatting away the midgies, and dreaming of foreign climes. The way I feel after one bottle, I doubt I’d make it past 8am.

The Darkside IPA from BRU is a perfectly decent IPA.

The BEER Bollix will surely drink it again.

Purchased in Aldi 06/01/17 for €2.69 per 500ml

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