A Blackberry for the the Winter – Take a bite


The juicy berries are a distant memory, or am I awaiting with impatience the new crop down the line? In any case I’ll be picking no blackberries anytime soon. Luckily enough I can get some sort of a skewed fix with the Blackberry Cottage.

The interior theme needs no explaining. Marilyn and Audrey keep you company in your relaxed state, for that is what will happen once you enter the cabin. Relax. Enjoy. Forget about the distant berries and taste the splendour of this wonderful space. When you get fed up with that head on out to the stoop.

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Fresh air in abundance and a view to behold. A thatched crannog for a view as you sit upon the porch, supping a cool glass or three from the complimentary welcome basket, and thinking of absolutely nothing. Life can be challenging at times.

Once you are fed up with all of that, if that is at all possible, you can traverse to the other end and sit upon the morning step to soak up a few rays and drink tea, coffee or whatever your having yourself. There is no end to all the fun.

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Act with haste now. Don’t delay. The Blackberry Cottage is suitable for a family of four, a couple, or three adults.

Find out more at Blackberry-Cottage.com


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