Eir Loot Lorry hits Tullamore


To celebrate Meteor rebranding as Eir they are doing an extravagant giveway around the country starting today at the Tullamore Court Hotel. The Eir Loot Lorry will be travelling to secret locations over the next four days and giving away gifts from mobile phones to televisions.


I decided to take a chance and head to Tullamore for 8:45 even if all I got was a photograph for my article. In spite of the miserable weather people were out, waiting for the joy of receiving one of those colourful boxes teasing us from the back of the open lorry.

The Eir Loot Lorry was parked at the rear of the Tullamore Court Hotel and despite it being advertised the queue was relatively short.

Irish comedian Andrew Stanley was the designated ‘Santa’ and travelled up and down the queue of people with the media crew. Despite Andrew’s charm and quick- witted banter only the  odd cheer for Tullamore was shouted out by the crowd. It was cool, damp and too early to be in the party mood. The crowd just wanted to get a gift and get back to their nice comfortable warm homes.

After about 10 minutes of waiting and chatting to people one of the crew came along the line and said very nicely ” sorry folks there are only 40 gifts and you are all past the 40th person so you may go home”. The crowd broke up and people walked away a little deflated but hey you have to be in to win right, there were some folks who decided it was still worth the wait and moved up closer to the Eir Loot Lorry.  Unfortunately all the gifts were gone, the happy punters who had received gifts had them opened and  were admiring their new phones, wireless headphones and a Xbox One to name a few.

Andrew Stanley kept the crowds spirits up with a bit of banter but sadly it was time to move on Tullamore, the crowd in Athlone was awaiting. 10 counties in total will be visited so follow them on social media to see your nearest location. #eirlootlorry.

Written by Mitch Richie, Daingean Online’s intrepid Junior Reporter.

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