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Scully's XL Daingean

Scully’s XL Grocery and Deli sits opposite the town hall in Daingean’s Main Street. How did it go from vacant little shop to a flourishing business?

The recession was over and the 1990’s would see the beginning of the Irish economy flourish once again. Sadly though there had been many victims of the recession, Owen Scully and his family, to name but one.

1990 Stradbally Co.Laois, Owen had lost his job during the recession but he wasn’t going to let life get him down or in his way. Together with wife Chrissie they decided to sell the family home and make a move. They had found a lovely home in Daingean Co.Offaly with a vacant shop. The Scully’s decided this was where they were going to start a new life and a new adventure.

Enda Scully XL Daingean

The shop was only tiny but Owen and Chrissie filled every space with everything that you could need. From a loaf of bread to the washer you needed to fix that leaking tap. The little room at the rear of the shop was like a treasure chest for every ‘do-it-yourself’ person. It was a great service to the locals, you could pop into Owen and almost guarantee he had what you needed. Saved many a trip to Tullamore or Edenderry.

The family business was a success, Owen and Chrissie soon became an integral part of the community. They had 16 great years together in their new home and venture. Sadly and suddenly in 2006 Chrissie lost her partner and loving husband. Owen was not only a loss to Chrissie and their family but also to the Daingean and surrounding community. With the help of her daughter, Chrissie soldiered on and kept the business going. For 2 years they held it all together and did the best they could.

Scully's XL Main St Daingean

2008 brought about  another change, the business would now be run by son Enda. It was a family business after all and so the reins were handed over. 2008 was also a tough time in the Irish Economy ‘ the bubble burst’ with the global financial crisis so there were going to be tough times ahead. With wife Mary by his side and mother Chrissie overseeing, Enda Scully could do anything. He decided to move the business forward and expand. Planning permission was the start of big changes for Scully’s Shop.

Scullys XL 2010
Scully's XL 2010. Daingean County Offaly. Daingean. Daingean News.
Scully's XL 2010 Daingean County Offaly. Daingean. Daingean News.

It was time to start anew and with this in mind 2010 saw the first internal expansion of the shop. We said a fond farewell to Owen’s little treasure chest and hello to the new addition of a deli. Enda was looking in the face of a brave new world and he was not going to let the economy keep him down, a chip off the old block, as they say.

Enda and Mary Scully Daingean XL Award

In 2011 Scully’s XL took the award for Best Loyalty at the XL Store of the Year Awards then in 2014 they did it again. This time Scully’s XL were honored for excellence at the XL Store of the Year Awards for Best Promotional Offering.

In 2015 the business took a giant leap forward with the addition of the Post Office and a Butchers. Jennifer Lynch with co-worker Breda and Christy Galvin were a welcome addition to the flourishing empire. This was now a one stop shop for all of your needs. There was no looking back for the Scully family business now.


Daingean County Offaly. Daingean. Daingean News.

Chrissie still helps where and when she can but Enda along with Mary and son Owen óg are keeping the family business moving forward. Employing 13 staff not including the Post Office or Butcher is a huge contribution to local employment. This shows just how much the business has grown, despite going through some very tough times.

briquettes - grocery- butchers- daingean
Daingean County Offaly. Daingean. Daingean News.
Daingean County Offaly. Daingean. Daingean News.
Daingean County Offaly. Daingean. Daingean News.
Scully's XL Daingean - Feighery's Butchers

Enda tries to stay ahead of competitors by offering a great service, excellent specials and creating a warm inviting environment. Shelf talkers and the shop window are the best ways to find out the specials. Currently the specials are changed every three weeks. Delivery is also a convenient service available at Scully’s XL. A very handy service for the coal, gas or briquettes we all need in the winter months.  Opening 7am-9pm weekdays and then 8am-8pm over the weekend are long hard hours but convenience for the local community is paramount to Scully’s philosophy. Sourcing locally where they can is of great importance to Enda. Scully’s XL are busy all year round but especially at Christmas so keep any eye out, you may see Santa call in to top up on a few last minute treats.

Enda Scully with Daingean Mini Maroons
Owen óg at Mount Briscoe Show

The Scully family are very grateful to the local and surrounding community and believe in paying it forward. It is important for them to show the community how much they appreciate their support. Being the first to any local or community event is just one way they try to do this.
Sponsorship of local events or for local groups is also something Enda puts at the top of the list. Over the summer he sponsored the Under 6 Daingean Mini Maroons with a set of new jerseys and the Daingean Gaa Golf Classic are just a couple of ways Scully’s have paid it forward.

Enda Scully XL Daingean

Owen’s dream for his family and that tiny vacant shop is a dream no more. The past 27 years has seen some tough times but also some very good times. Standing in it now still reminds me of a treasure chest with Chrissie’s hand knits adorning the window to the lady buying a roast of beef for the dinner. Scully’s XL is in safe hands.

Scully's XL Daingean

Written by Mitch Richie, Daingean Online’s intrepid Junior Reporter.

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