Hen Invasion – The High Chaparral is under attack

To become the Greatest Party of 2018 so far.

Hen Invasion – The High Chaparral is under attack
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10th February 2018 – The Hen Invasion Starts

This coming Saturday switch off your heating and save a few quid. Put on your dancing shoes. Add a bit of grease to your hair. Wink at yourself in the mirror as you head out the door before making your way to The High Chaparral to mingle with the 21 wild women on a mission to have a memorable, mad, crazy and fun night. From 21:30 (half nine….) the Hens from Hen Party Glamping will be rocking the night away with the Crazy DJ.

Reverberations from this party in The High Chaparral will be felt across the Irish Midlands. Geashill village will become The Hen Party Capital of Ireland this Saturday night. Don’t miss out on this momentous occasion. Get on down there and boogie the night away. Show these Hens what a real party is. The time has come. The secret cannot remain a secret any longer. The people must know. Offaly knows how to Party. 

But that’s not all. Yes, there is more.

The hospitality. The great value drinks. The suprise finger food (not a suprise any more). And the Crazy DJ rocking the night away. Book your taxi. Head to Geashill and The High Chaparral this Saturday night. 

Let’s get this Party Started

Saturday Night. 2100 Hours(9pm) 10th Feb 2018. Be there.

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