Valentine’s Day Ideas: 5 Creative Ways to Say “I Love You”


Valentine's Day is the ultimate romantic holiday.

 It’s time to show your special someone how you really feel. You can opt to go to a local drugstore and buy a pretty Happy Valentine’s Day card, sign it with lots of X’s and O’s and present it on February 14th . You might also want to buy a Valentine’s Day gift of a box of candy, sexy lingerie or a bunch of flowers for your soul mate to show your love. These are all fine ways to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, but they’ve been done before.

Valentines Day Ideas

This year you can become creative and romantic by doing something more meaningful for your sweetheart. Even if your love has not yet been reciprocated, you can still let your feelings be
known. Be anonymous and keep him or her guessing, or spill the beans and put yourself out
there. Either way, you’ll be satisfied and glad that you proclaimed your love on this holiday of

"I love you." Those three little words can be conveyed in a multitude of ways. Here are five unique methods to say you care on Valentine's Day.

1. Write a love letter the old-fashioned way, with pen and ink
Forget about email or texting. Write one long, heartfelt love letter, using your best penmanship,
so every word can be understood. State the reasons for your love, recall the day you first met,
your first date, or whatever nostalgic secrets the two of you may share. You can alternately write
a few different shorter love notes and leave them scattered about the house if you live together.
Let your lover find the notes in places you know he will look. Stuff a note in his underwear
drawer, his lunch bag and by his toothbrush, to find at different times throughout the day. You
can mail a romantic letter through the U.S. post office and don’t forget to place a few drops of
perfume on the paper. Be sure to post the letter the required number of days you expect it will
take to get to his mailbox by February 14th .

2. First thing in the morning surprise
Since we all need to use the bathroom in the morning, why not wake up your sweetheart with
love notes on the toilet paper roll? Replace whatever roll of paper is already there with a new roll
on which you’ve written a few choice notes to express your love. Write with a soft felt tip pen so
as not to tear the paper, placing one steamy message on each square. You can also write or draw
something on the steamed-up bathroom mirror the evening before. The writing will show through
after she has fogged it up again in the morning.

Endear your sweetheart with passionate writings

3. Go straight to his stomach
If your man loves bacon (and what man doesn’t?), make him bacon roses for breakfast. Simply
roll up each individual slice of uncooked bacon from the widest end to the narrowest as your oven heats to 375 degrees. Place the bacon on a wire cake-cooling tray fitted on top of a baking
tray with sides (so the grease can be caught). As it bakes for 40 minutes, pull artificial roses out
of their stems. Skewer your bacon onto those tips and you have a couple of dozen bacon roses for
your loved one to enjoy.

Valentine Love and Ideas - Daingean - On the Grand Canal Way

4. Silly love songs
Are you musically creative? If so, why not write an original love song or poem and sing or recite
it to your darling after a lovely romantic candlelit dinner? Don’t forget to also give her a copy of
the song or poem beautifully written or typed out so she can preserve it forever.

5. The ultimate scrapbook
Since we’re writing here, why not go all the way and pen a book about your relationship? This
writing isn’t going to be a ‘tell all’ sort of book. Rather, it will be a remembrance of all your
important firsts in the relationship: the first date, the first kiss, how he popped the question, etc.
Include photos and keepsakes. It will be a scrapbook that can be continually updated year after

Love on the Cards for Valentines day.

Writing, cooking, composing, and scrapbooking are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to
celebrating St. Valentine’s Day imaginatively and in a way your darling will not soon forget. Use
these ideas to create a special gift or use them to get your own creative juices flowing and come
up with a uniquely personal way to say “I love you” this year.

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